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World's lightest racket

POWER CREATOR 20 is 112g ± 2

SPEED CREATOR 20 is 107g ± 2. The weight has been reduced to the utmost limit, achieving unprecedented swingability. Swing speed accelerates steadily .

World's longest racket

Adopted 609mm, which is the limit of the racket regulation range of Crossminton.

Thanks to the long racket, it is possible to drive from a high RBI. Centrifugal force increases and shot power improves.

Ultra slim frame

The world's smallest frame. The air resistance received during the swing is greatly reduced, and the swing speed is improved. Demonstrates overwhelming operability for speedy rally development.

Power shaft

Uses a 110mm shaft. Achieve a strong power shot by taking advantage of the flexibility of the shaft.

Extra-fine grip

Extra-fine grip that enables delicate touch shots. Perfect for children and women with small hands

Super high resilience

KIZUNA string

The highest peak string of domestic production. Produces sharp shots with ultra-high resilience

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